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Can You Use Coax As A Speaker Cable? [5 Methods]

People believe coax cables can also be used as speaker cables because they are quite adaptable. If you are one of these folks, stand up because you are correct. A coax cable can be used as your speaker cable, and that is also not too challenging.

A multifunctional cable for multiple visual and audio connections, “coax” is the abbreviation for “coaxial.” Even industry specialists can become perplexed by the variety of wires and cables that exist.

What Does A Coaxial Cable Mean?

Your video and audio data can be transferred efficiently with a coaxial connection. It includes a conducting shield and an interior conductor. These two conductor kinds are currently being separated by a sort of dielectric substance.

This cable typically transports high-frequency electric signals. Numerous gadgets can be connected to it for communication.

Data transport at high speeds is the goal here. This cable can be used for high-speed data buses, phone communication, networking cables, cable television hookups, and a variety of receivers.

Is Coax Compatible To Be Used As A Speaker Cable?

  • Normally, the question of whether you can use a coax as your speaker wire comes to mind given its adaptable design and implementation. And as we previously stated, if you can, you will need to make a few tweaks. To utilize this cable with your speakers, you must swap out those connectors.
  • The standard ‘F’ connectors on a coax cable must be swapped out for RCA connections for the cable to function correctly with the speakers.
  • RCA connectors should theoretically function with subwoofers as well as other speakers. But you’ll also have to cope with a variety of issues.
  • If you wish to connect your speakers to coax. The amplifier will experience various impedance issues as a result.
  • Your speakers won’t work correctly since there is resistance. You can wind up completely wrecking your system.
  • You need to use a longer coax to solve this issue. Choosing a shorter cord increases the likelihood that your device will explode. You should be able to use your coax with your speakers as long as your link stays within the kHz range. However, it will only work if you have no other choice.

How Do I Make A Speaker Cable Out Of A Coax?

Step 1 – Disconnect The Coax Connectors

For the transmission of video signals, coax includes two connectors. The first step in utilizing coax to connect your speakers is to take off the connectors from both ends of the cable.

You can take out these connectors with the aid of a sharp knife. Before making the cuts at both ends, you might need to remove any excess wire coating that is present on your cable.

Step 2 – Calculate The Length Of The Coax Cable

Coax cables come in a variety of lengths. They can reach heights of more than 50 feet and as low as 6 feet. As a result, you will need to measure yourself and adjust the size.

The length of the cable from your receiver or amplifier to your speakers can be used to measure. You need to sum the total length after doing this for each connection.

Step 3 – Remove The Coaxial Cable’s Insulation

The insulating covering on the coax cable must be removed in the following step. At this point, exercise caution once more to avoid harm to the cable.

For this task, a ring tool is strongly advised. Just make sure the knife only pokes through the cable’s insulation and not the actual cable by adjusting the knife’s length.

Step 4 – Take The Sheathing Apart

The insulating coating needs to be removed next. To safeguard the wire within, you will need to unbraid the shielding.

You must keep in mind that getting the copper wire out of this situation unscathed is crucial. Start unwinding that sheathing since you’ll be utilizing his copper wire to connect your speaker. When you’re finished, all that will be left is a single copper wire.

Step 5 – Remove The Insulator

You will be practically finished once you take down the shield. The conductor wire’s translucent insulating covering will need to be removed alone.

The copper wire is protected by this extra layer. However, you have to take it out for the connection’s benefit. You may remove this excess wire with a pair of good wire strippers, and then you’re done.

The insulation shielding and the jacket must be removed by roughly 1.5 inches for the alternative procedure. At both ends, you will then need to remove some insulation.

However, doing so will significantly increase the rigidity of your wire, making positioning a major issue. Nevertheless, if you use these techniques instead of the aforementioned 5-step approach, you can drastically cut down on the amount of effort required. Moreover, it is also pertinent to consider that to use your coax wire as a speaker cable you need to ensure that the user is safe. 


Coax cables are incredibly adaptable and suited for a variety of uses. They are therefore also suitable for use as speaker cables. These coax cables and connectors are available in a wide variety of designs. 

As a result, depending on your demands, you have a wide variety of possibilities. All you will need to do is select the appropriate connector type and carefully attach the one that is required. Because of how wonderful these cables are, you should always have them on hand.

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