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[Fix] Why My AirPods Flashing Orange Light? 2022

We’re all aware that the AirPods case contains an LED light as an indicator that informs about the battery capacity of both the AirPods and the case. But is it the only intention for which these LED lights exist? The indicator in the form of light upon that AirPods case could flash in a variety of colors, each of which has a specific meaning.

An AirPods flashing orange light blinking indicates that the AirPods are not properly pairing with the iPhone or that the firmware on each AirPod is different and that they’ll need to go through a reset and afterward be paired again.

Have you ever paused in your tracks with your AirPods in hand, puzzled as to why they’re flashing orange? Furthermore, orange appears to be a far more frightening color than green or white. This may lead one to think that something must be seriously wrong with your AirPods, but this is not the case. It actually only necessitates a few simple fixes.

Reset and Reconnect your AirPods

Mostly, a simple reset will resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your AirPods. Resetting erases all available data, including any parts that may have bugs or issues, and allows your devices to start fresh. Before proceeding with the reset, ensure that your AirPods and audio devices must have more than 50% battery life remaining.

  • First, disconnect the AirPods. Go to the Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone, and have a look for the AirPods in the list of devices.
  • Select “Forget This Device” by tapping the button beside your AirPods.
  • Replace your AirPods with their charging case.
  • Put the lid back on.
  • Reapply the lid.
  • Hold the configuration button on the charging case’s back until the light flashes in amber or orange, then proceed to hold this button till it flashes white.
  • Reconnect your earphones. Go to the Home on the iPhone. Hold it near to your AirPods while the lid is open, and wait till the LED is flashing white. The best thing is to keep it next to them.
  • Wait for your iPhone’s screen to display the animation of your particular AirPods before looking for the button to connect, which is at the bottom side of the screen.
  • Select “Connect” and wait for them to reconnect.
  • When the process is complete, click “Done.”

You will now be able to use a pair of reactivated AirPods.

Recharge the AirPods

This is basic. Return to the first step of resetting the AirPods and linking them again with your phone. This time, after you’ve returned your AirPods to their case and shut the lid, wait for twenty minutes prior to actually proceeding with the rest of the process. Your AirPods must be reconnected once you’ve completed the procedure.

Recharge your AirPods and their case

The orange light on any of the current AirPods variants indicates that they need to be charged right away. If your AirPods continue to flash orange, a quick plug into a power source may help. The AirPods Gen 2 has 5-6 hours of battery life and stays up to 24 hours along with its charging case. In the meantime, the 3rd Generation AirPods have a total battery life of up to 30 hours.

Simply bring your AirPods closer to the Apple device as well as open their lid to see if they are charging. A window displaying the battery status should appear on your screen.

Cleaning of AirPods

Dirt is not something you want to collect on or in your AirPods. Too much dust and dirt can clog sensors and inhibit them from connecting properly. They can cause minor contact issues inside the chargers, resulting in inconvenient problems. These contact issues, in particular, can inhibit charging or end up causing your AirPods lid to not close properly. Cleaning your AirPods may appear simple, but there is a correct way to do so to avoid damage. This entails using the right cleaning agent, the correct tools, and knowing where to clean.

There are some correct ways to clean your AirPods:

  • Use alcohol with a toothbrush or a cotton swab. Use this to clean the AirPods’ edges and the insides of ta charging case.
  • Pick out whatever remaining debris is present inside the AirPods’ edges with a toothpick.
  • Finish by rubbing the AirPods pieces with a cloth dampened with some alcohol.

Updating AirPods firmware

When neither of the aforementioned solutions worked for you, your AirPods may have separate firmware. Unfortunately, there have been no clear instructions for forcing the AirPods firmware to be updated. So, here’s what you should do.

Connect one AirPod to your device and place it in the case. Listen to music for 5 to 10 minutes, then remove the paired AirPod. Take another AirPod and again repeat this process.

Now, with the lid open, place both AirPods in the charging case and connect its case to a source of power for about an hour while the iPhone sits next to them. Then, close its case and charge it for an hour or so.

Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and unplug the 2 AirPods that you connected and synced separately with your device in the preceding steps. Open the case and couple your AirPods as usual. The orange color light on your AirPods case must turn white, indicating that they have been completely reset.

Try out the apple support

If everything else fails, contact the professionals. Apple Support allows the user to search Apple’s database, which has the solutions, or connect with an Apple representative who can assist you. Apple support could be intimidating initially, but the lines are actually quite short.

To assist you, here’s a walkthrough of how to contact Apple Support about the AirPods flashing orange light issue. The blinking orange light issue will not be one of the problems with a quick fix on Apple Support, so be prepared to speak with a representative.

Although restarting or cleaning your AirPods will help you to resolve daily problems and get a strong green light, it is important to note that resetting the AirPods will not be able to help in fixing your AirPods charging issues. These are some of the major hardware problems that cannot be easily resolved, and you may need to visit a service center for assistance.

Airpods are extremely simple to use, especially when combined with another device. Troubleshooting and maintaining AirPods can be difficult at times, as blinking orange is a common issue. 

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