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[Solution] AirPods Connected But No Sound | 5 easy Steps

AirPods are pretty famous, which is unsurprising given that people can use them to receive calls, play music, and perhaps even utilize Siri. Prior to pairing the cordless earphones to their gadgets, users throughout the globe experience various issues and malfunctions. AirPods connected but No Sound, this issue can also occur when wearing AirPods. To put it another way, the AirPods abruptly ceased producing any audio out from the iPhone. No need to fear when you’re having similar problems since you’re not single.

Make sure your gadget is also not muted once continuing. Inspect your AirPods speaker as well as ear points for any debris or dust that may be obstructing audio. So whenever your concern is why are my AirPods connected but not playing? Sound Gear Authority comes up with more than one solution, here we go

Verify the Battery Percentage

The charge state of the AirPods should be checked first. Put the AirPods inside the chargers for Ipad & iPhone, shut the covers, then uncover them. A panel must be available that shows the battery level (through %) of AirPods as well as the carrying case.

For Windows & Android smartphones, there’s really no method to monitor the current life of the battery of the AirPods directly. Keep the AirPods inside the charging dock to recharge & attempt anyway if the remaining battery equals 10% or lower.

Cleaning the AirPods is a good idea

Whenever the Airpods get dirty, owners may have difficulties receiving the audio or maybe connected but have no audio. Whenever the Airpods are used regularly, they accumulate a lot of dust that can harm the Airpods, particularly the proximity detectors, causing automated ear recognition to fail. Users must maintain their Airpods tidy in order to avoid them becoming harmed.

For cleaning the Airpods correctly, use a gentle, wrinkle-less cloth. One cotton swab could be utilized to cleanse its joints or gaps. If you’re not happy, try cleaning the Airpods from a mixture of rubbing aqueous alcohol.

Disconnect/Reconnect the Airpods

The AirPods link to desktop and mobile devices through Bluetooth, even though you might know. If they’re not working, stop the connectivity by switching off Bluetooth in the smartphone and removing the AirPods off the ears. Re-insert the AirPods into the ears & switch on Bluetooth in your smartphone. If you just use either iPhone/iPad or perhaps a Mac, the gadgets will connect immediately.

AirPods Connected But No Sound

Make sure the device isn’t connected to any wired and wireless audio input. Ensure the AirPods are the primary external sound device if there are several connections. Disable any unknown device creating the disruption from your phone/Bluetooth PC’s settings screen.

Reset the Airpods if necessary

Whereas if AirPods really don’t make any sound, you may try resetting them. This requires deleting the AirPods from the smartphone’s list of linked devices then repairing it. Remove the AirPods from the Bluetooth option on your smartphone. After that, connect the AirPods with the device by putting them in a pairing state.

Follow the directions to reset the AirPods:

  • Place AirPods in the carrying case.
  • Shut the cover for 30 seconds before opening it.
  • With your iPhone or iPad, go to Click the I symbol beside your AirPods under Settings > Bluetooth. Now press Forget and verify with another tap.
  • About 15 s, hold down the Setup button till the state indicator flashes amber.

Try changing the Airpods’ loudness.

If there is an issue with volume settings, these Airpods might be difficult to use with connection but still no audio. Even though the AirPods remain paired, there will be difficulties receiving sounds if the sound upon that Airpod is very low. Just copy these steps to alter the loudness on the Airpods:

  • Airpods should be disconnected from the smartphone.
  • Navigate to the device’s Settings screen.
  • Select music from the drop-down menu
  • Raise the sound to the max by going to Volume Limits.
  • Return to the main App Settings.
  • Accessibility may be accessed by clicking on the link.
  • Select Balance from the menu. Whether on the left or right side of the screen, make sure that the adjuster is in the middle, so both Airpods get the same amount of music and the audio is adjusted.
  • To test whether the problem is repaired, link the Airpods with the iPhone or iPad, then play a song.

AirPods Not Playing Sound [Reset Network]

Resetting local network configuration is another way to solve your Airpods that are connected and not producing any sound. Unfortunately, you risk losing all of your Wi-Fi networks, call preferences, and Bluetooth if it gets reset. The Airpods should be audible again after the networks have been reset.

One must follow the directions below to reset your network configuration:

  • Go to the Settings screen on the device.
  • Click the Basic Menu next.
  • Select Reset Network Only from the drop-down menu.
  • The network on the Airpods will now be reset. Now use Bluetooth to link them with the iOS devices & try and play anything to check whether the problem has been fixed.

Update the iOS Smartphone

You may see issues on the iOS device if an earlier version of IOS software is running. It’s critical to maintain the iOS device current to date with the latest technologies to avoid problems.

  • Go to the device’s settings screen.
  • Choose Software Update from the drop-down menu.
  • Turn off the smartphone once the update is finished.
  • Allow a few moments before turning the device back on.
  • Connect the Bluetooth AirPods to any smartphone now and give them a try.

Mobile devices are instantly updated whenever users pair the Airpods using any iOS smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection. In truth, iOS notifies users when the latest update is ready; thus, the next moment you receive an update notice, upgrade your device as quickly as possible.

AirPods Connected But No Sound to Macbook

There may also be instances when you pair the Airpods to a Macbook, but there is no audio because the Airpods connection becomes momentarily corrupted. In this case, you can take the following steps to remedy the problem:

  • Go over to the Settings App on your Apple computer.
  • Search for the Bluetooth symbol and select the Bluetooth option from the drop-down menu.
  • Switch off Bluetooth and then on after a few moments.
  • Go to the AirPods page and press the X button.
  • Shut the cover and replace the Airpods inside the charging dock.
  • After several moments, reopen the recharging case’s cover.
  • Hold down the setup located at the back of Airpods till a white light appears.
  • Allow the Macbook to identify your Airpods yet again.
  • Once AirPods have been discovered, press the connect button to pair them to your MacBook.
  • Listen to some audio to determine if your Airpods are operating properly.


Therefore, the next moment someone has a problem with AirPods connected but no sound or audio, they should go to this post, which should be able to walk them through the procedure and assist them in fixing the Airpods.

If none of the troubleshooting techniques in this article work, the customer may need to take their device to an Apple Repair Centre and have it repaired by a specialist. Check for a warranty and take advantage of it to save money on AirPods repair and replacement.

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