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How To Turn Off Your Bose 700 Headphones | Quick Method

The modern design and exceptional features of the Bose 700 headphones make it one of the best Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones. It provides you with an immersive sound quality that enhances your listening experience. The specialty of this headphone is its latest design and better sound quality. This headphone is designed with a touch-sensitive gesture pad for playback control.

Apart from this, Bose 700 ANC headphones are a great option for USB-C charging. This is a popular headphone in its segment of the market. If we talk about turning off the headphones, the process of this exclusive headphone is different. If you have difficulty turning off your Bose 700 headphones, this article will walk you through how to turn off your Bose 700 headphones seamlessly. Keep reading! 

Features Of Bose 700 Headphones 

  • The active Noise Cancellation feature 
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Well-built and gorgeous headset
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • The ear cups of the headphones can rotate a full 90 degrees, allowing the headset to rest comfortably around the user’s neck.
  • Metal construction headband that makes it difficult to break accidentally.

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How To Turn Off Bose 700 Headphones?

There are two specific ways to turn off the Bose 700 headphones. You can follow them. Both procedures are simple and enable you to switch off your headphones effortlessly. We have detailed both processes below. Check them out: 

1. Tap The Button On The Headphones 

Turning the Bose 700 headphones off is simply by Bose 700 power button tapping. But first, your work is to find that button where it is located. Well, you will find the button on the outside of the right earcup of your headset. The button has an LED light. LED light being on means your headphone is on. When the light is off, your headphones are off.  

Normally, the button needs to be held for 4 to 5 seconds to turn off the headphones. But in the case of the Bose 700, there’s a slightly different but not complicated process. You tap the button once; no need to hold the button. Your headphones will turn off instantly. 

As with the normal headphones’ shutdown process, if you accidentally hold down the buttons on your Bose 700 headphone to turn them off, the headphones will enter pairing mode. Therefore, avoid doing so and use the right method to turn off the headphones.

2. Utilize The Bose Music App

Advanced and reputed brand Bose has its App, the Bose Music app, that you can use to turn off your headphones. In this App, you can have complete control over your headphones. Using the company’s App to turn off your Bose headphones is optional. You can use this App anytime. You will not be charged anything for downloading this App. Bose Music App is available on the Google Play Store.

The Bose Music App is an added convenience for the customers from the company, which works better with the Bose 700 ANC headphones. If you want to use the Bose Music App to power off the headphones, you’ll need to be familiar with its correct processing. We have given the methods underneath:

  • Open Bose Music App
  • Go to its setting
  • You will find the Auto Turn-Off button; tap on it.
  • Your Bose 700 headphones will turn off immediately.

The Tap the Button option is usually used to turn off the Bose 700 instead of using the Bose Music App”. However, you can use any of the processes to turn off the headphones at your convenience.

How Do You Connect Your Bose 700 ANC Headphones To Android Or iPhone?

The process of connecting the Bose 700 ANC headphones to an Android or iPhone is straightforward via Bluetooth. Bluetooth 5.0 would be best for connecting the Bose 700 to your smartphone. In terms of Bluetooth codecs, Bose 700 headphones only allow AAC and SBC.

Voice Command Feature Of Bose 700 Headphones

The Boss 700 headphones are built with cutting-edge technology that works with all major voice assistants. For instance, Siri on iOS devices, such as iPhone, Google Assistant on Android, and Amazon Alexa on Android and iOS operating systems. All voice commands work efficiently on the Bose 700 headphones. The voice command feature of these expensive headphones puts them in the more convenient headphones category for users.


If you use your Bose 700 headphones to use it for a long time, it would be better to turn the headphones off for a while for the rest of it. Headphones are widely used for an amazing listening experience. However, never exceed the recommended volume limit of 85 decibels on the volume of your source device connected to the headset when using the headphones. Otherwise, it can damage your hearing power. We hope our article will make it easier for you to turn off your Bose 700 headphones.

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