Powerful sound speakers are what makes watching movies and listening to music interesting, the sound effects when clearly and loudly illuminated help make interaction with the movie more natural consequently leading to a good experience. It, therefore, beats logic how one would spend half a year researching and combing through the various markets looking for a car to purchase and just walk into any sound system shop and walk out with a set of speakers without any research and still expect it to perform exceptionally well.

At Soundgear authority it’s all about sound enhancement, our mission, therefore, is to make sure that you are equipped with the best sound system for your needs. Installing a sound system either in your car or at home is not as simple as walking in and out of a store with the units, there are important features of a sound system that need to be considered, which will be discussed later in this article. There are also different types of speakers and each of them is designed for a specific application.

Over the years speakers have undergone innovation, and you will thus find a small speaker producing loud and distinguished sounds, especially when listening to music. Most speakers are now wireless thus utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology, they have been equipped with rechargeable batteries which makes them portable and convenient for outdoor activities such as picnics.

The new technology has given rise to outdoor shindigs with good quality music; so people no longer have to worry about finding a source of electricity and pull the speakers beside the pool just to have a fun time. So, before we go into the types of speakers available in speaker land, let us first understand the anatomy of the speaker and the common terms used.

The anatomy of a speaker

Most speakers come enclosed in a cabinet, and this is the housing within which the tweeter, the speaker drivers, and the crossover components are contained. Now the driver mentioned above is the cone in the cabinet that moves back and forth for sound production, and as you might have noticed there are some speaker cabinets that have incorporated more than one driver.

We then have the tweeter, which looks like a small speaker, and this one is used to balance the sound produced by adding high audio frequencies to the produced bass. The speaker and tweeter work like the church choir where the males produce bass, while the women produce the high-pitched soprano, so when the two are mixed and well balanced the music becomes very sweet to the ears.

And mind you, for as much as you may want to install a bass speaker in your home or car, a tweeter is also a necessity especially when it comes to listening to music or when you are watching a movie. Another significant part of the anatomy of a speaker is the crossover, which is used to break up a sound signal into different frequency bands and forward them to the relevant tweeter or drive for the necessary sound production and output.

We then have the port, which is essential if you are to experience an enhanced bass response. Now that we are in the clear of the various parts of a speaker, the next question is, what are the different types of speakers; many people can barely distinguish between speakers thus assume that all the speakers are the same.

The outdoor speakers

Outdoor speakers have been configured uniquely to be able to withstand the extreme fluctuating outside temperatures, for example, you will find some are all-weather certified and don’t have to be covered or taken inside when the temperatures become extreme.

So, as you look for a speaker that you can use while in the pool or garden, ensure that the mounting feature is sturdy and easy to put up. Also, test it out to ensure that it does disperse music to a large surface area without compromising on detail. Check on the construction of the speaker, has it been equipped with a protective metal grill, and what of the materials used in the making of the speaker cones, can they withstand humidity.

Ensure therefore that the cones are made of polypropylene and not paper pulp.

The Ceiling/Wall speakers

Well this one might seem like their sound production is restricted, and which might be true but you can be smart and choose the right speakers that resonate with your room requirements to enjoy the sound. The wall and ceiling speakers are used when the owner of the home doesn’t want to break their home décor.

Important to note however is that they are limited in width and depth, which consequently constrains the volume because the wall, in this case, is used as the speaker box.


The one thing with loudspeakers is that they have refused to go out of fashion, even in the wake of innovation and the production of more portable and easy-to-use units, the good old loudspeakers are still commanding the game. And the best thing about them is that they are versatile in their application and placement and are still the best in audio reproduction.

Loudspeakers are characteristic of rich satisfying bass, and feature a heavy-duty construction; they will, therefore, play loud music when you send in a bigger pulse of electricity and generate quieter sounds when you send the small pulses of electricity. You will, therefore, find them in pairs which stand on the floor and some are placed on shelves.


Without a subwoofer in your speaker system then you are missing some of the frequencies that are being sent from your audio source. Their main purpose, therefore, is to reproduce the low-pitched audio frequencies such as bass and sub-bass. So some of the sounds that will be produced by your subwoofer are such as the rumbling bass sounds produced when you are watching a movie, subwoofers also tend to boost the small speakers, but alternatively, you could use towers.


Soundbars don’t need space to deliver high-quality TV sound, the slender cabinet you see up here has been equipped with two or more speakers and will, therefore, provide surround or stereo sound. The new age speaker system is wireless however, you will need an optical or HDMI cable to connect the unit to your TV.

And the fact that they are wireless it, therefore, means that they use Bluetooth and WiFi technology to pair with other devices and play either music or a movie through a direct connection. The units complement any home décor and feature a very simple yet sophisticated design.

The speaker selection process

If you are planning to get a speaker system then there are some important features that you must consider, and given that the most searched for speakers are those that utilize wireless technology, let us have a look at what you need to be keen on.

The Rechargeable batteries- So what is your speaker’s run time, the latter is the time with which the speaker will work before going off. If you have been using the wireless Bluetooth speakers then you should be familiar with the battery problem, which at times goes off a few minutes after you’ve pressed play or when the music that you are listening to just reached climax. A good wireless speaker needs to be equipped with a sturdy rechargeable battery that can play for at least 12 hours on a full charge.

Portability – most Bluetooth speakers are portable and come in varied shapes and sizes, so apart from being portable, it has to have incorporated the necessary clips and handles that will complement your lifestyle or application. Some of the JBL speakers, for example, have a battery capacity of mAh 7500 and will keep you entertained for 20 hrs, and their output power is 30watts.

The idea behind portability is that the speaker should be able to produce big and clear sounds in a portable and convenient to use package.


Wireless speakers do have ratings that you should watch out for, for example, IPX7 or 8 is a type of rating that determines how tight the enclosures are against water. We, therefore, have IP67 which can withstand immersion into water of about 1 meter, for up to 30 minutes; we then have IP68 that will not be affected by being immersed in water that is more than 1 meter deep.

You can, therefore, find a water-resistant speaker for your outdoor engagements without having to worry about them getting dropped into the pool or being rained on. One such speaker is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 that works great in high humidity environments, the unit, features an IP67 waterproof rating.


Speakers are configured to handle different kinds of environments and are for different applications, we, therefore, have the compact wireless speakers that are great for outdoor use, and even better is that a good number of them are waterproof. And we also have the soundbars that are great for home use and the traditional loudspeakers that come in handy when you have big events or for use in large halls.