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Tribit Storm Box Micro Bluetooth Speaker Review [Verified and Tested] 2022

Are you making plans for an adventurous trip to the mountains?

Here is one thing that might be missing in your bag.

Any trip be it to the mountains or the beaches, is always incomplete without music. Just imagine that you are sitting with your friends on a hilltop, a gust of cold air touches your cheeks gently and there is pin-drop silence. Don’t you think that something is still missing?

Music is like therapy that heals all your wounds and fills up empty spaces of your heart. Music fills you up with unlimited enthusiasm and joy.

A portable Bluetooth speaker is all you need to keep you going while traveling, hiking, trekking, or cycling. Most people do not feel energetic while working out if there is no music. If you are also one among them then this article is hand-crafted only for you.

Things worth giving a thought to, while purchasing a Bluetooth Speaker

Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, you need to go through some important points suggested by professionals. These points are as follows:

  • Size and portability– You should give a thought to the dimensions of the speaker first. If you are a travel fanatic or a YouTuber or you have a job that makes you travel a lot then you should go for a micro or mini speaker that is portable also. You cannot carry a bulky and big one with you everywhere. 
  • Bluetooth Range– Your Bluetooth speaker should have a high range of Bluetooth connectivity. You should go for a Bluetooth speaker ranging from 80-100ft.
  • Pocket-friendly- You should compare the features of different Bluetooth speakers of the same category. After that, you should consider their price. If you find all the essential features in one along with a good price then you should invest your hard-earned money there.
  • Sound, Bass, and Treble- When you are going to buy a Bluetooth speaker, you must look for its bass, treble, and volume as it is the main feature of any Bluetooth speaker. Your speakers must have a clear sound, deep bass, and good treble quality.
  • High-end design– Your Bluetooth speaker should have a premium look and a classy design. It should be sturdy from the inside and attractive from the outside.
  • Battery life- Battery life should be satisfactory as you cannot charge it frequently when you are traveling therefore, you should buy a speaker with good battery life.

The Best Ever- Tribit StormBox Micro Portable Speaker

We are here to suggest to you the best portable speaker that you can carry anywhere easily. Tribit is a leading manufacturer company of speakers, earbuds, and headphones. Tribit has launched Tribit StormBox Micro Portable Speaker which is stealing the limelight these days.

Its goal is to provide you with a travel companion that you can carry with you while hiking, trekking, walking, running, and cycling. If you travel very often then this portable speaker will be your best buddy.

Why Tribit storm Box Micro Portable Speaker?

We have a complete list of reasons that will answer your questions:

  • Portable and compact: Before traveling when you pack up your things, you should pick things that occupy less space. This Tribit storm box is very compact so that you can even carry it in your pocket or you can attach it to your backpack’s strap.
  • Bluetooth range: Tribit portable speaker has a wide range of connectivity. It is going to catch Bluetooth even If you keep your mobile Phone 100 ft away from it.
  • Waterproof and dustproof: This Bluetooth speaker is for rough and tough use. If you are traveling to a rainforest where it is impossible to predict the weather, you should take this speaker with you.
  • Heavy XBass performance: It is featured with an integrated Xbass to provide unexpected heavy bass. You will be surprised by its bass and crystal-clear sound.
  • Stereo sound: With this Bluetooth speaker, you will be able to connect another micro to enhance and amplify your sound to rock the world.
  • Strap belt: It comes with a strap belt that you can attach to your backpack’s shoulder strap or your bicycle’s handle or a branch of a tree.
  • Long-lasting Battery life: Tribit StormBox Micro Portable Speaker comes with an 8-hours playtime straight.

Whether you take it to a rainy place or a desert area, this Bluetooth speaker will never disappoint you.

Some Good Remarks

  • “Best Bluetooth speakers: Bubbly design that packs a punch”- By ZDNET
  • “This speaker was energetic with a surprising bit of bass thump.” -By Forbes
  • “It’s a sleek, handy, durable little cushion-like speaker with well-integrated sound.”-By WHAT HIFI
  • “One of the best sounding pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers and the best Bluetooth wireless speaker”- By CNET
  • “The Tribit Storm Box Micro Bluetooth speaker packs a lot of sound into a very portable package.”-By Tom’s Guide
  • “The portable Tribit Storm Box Micro speaker delivers full-sounding audio from a weatherproof frame for just 50 dollars.”- By PCMag
Ratings and Reviews
  • “A Better Bose micro in my opinion. Micro is the Key.”- Joms
  • “While looks can be deceiving, sound speaks for itself”- Sic’em
  • “This excellent speaker has impressed me”- Anya
  • “Amazing pocket speaker with bass!”- Aaron Hansen
  • “Little Monster”- San
  • “Little but powerful. would be good for travel”-RJM
  • “Love this when compared to JBL Clip 4”-kGrace
  • “Excellent for pairing across two bicycles”- Cory D Gagliard

Beating its Rivals

Tribit Bluetooth speaker is beating its competitors in every possible way. Apart from good ratings and excellent reviews, this speaker has outstanding features that will beat any other Bluetooth speaker of the same category. Let us make a comparative analysis with its rivals:

Tribit StormBox Micro portable Speaker VS IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

FeaturesTribit Bluetooth SpeakerIPX7 Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Range100 ft66 ft
SizeMicro, CompactComparatively bigger



Bass effectHeavy BassHeavy Bass
AffordabilityCheaperA bit expensive

So, it is clear from the above data which one is better. Now, it is totally your call to choose.

Tribit StormBox micro portable speaker VS W-King Portable Speaker:

FeaturesTribit Bluetooth SpeakerW-King Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Range100 ft33 ft
SizeMicro, CompactComparatively bigger
Strap-BeltPresentNot Available

Again, Tribit StormBox is a winner in this round too. 

Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker VS Muzen Wild mini rugged Bluetooth Speaker:

FeaturesTribit Bluetooth SpeakerMuzen Bluetooth Speaker
Strap-BeltAvailableNot Available
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesNo

Tribit Bluetooth speaker beats music Bluetooth speaker in its features and affordability hence, you should go for this without wasting time.

Tribit Portable Speaker VS SBOSENT Bluetooth Speaker:

FeatureTribit Bluetooth SpeakerSBOSENT Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Range100 ft32.8 ft
SizeMicro, SmallSmall

Tribit is micro in size but not in performance. Although SBOSENT I Bluetooth speaker is cheaper as compared to Tribit portable speaker, it also has some unbeatable features which you will not find in this range.

Tribit StormBox Micro Portable Speaker VS XENEO X21 portable speaker:

FeaturesTribit Portable Bluetooth speakerXeneo X21 Portable speaker
Weight10.4 Ounces1.1 Pounds
Bluetooth Range5.0 (100 ft)4.2 (100 ft)

Decisive Analysis

  • As you have seen in the comparative study, only XENEO X21 has a Bluetooth range of 100 ft other than Tribit StormBox portable speaker and no other competitor could match the Bluetooth range of Tribit StormBox Micro Portable Speaker which makes it easier to choose Tribit.
  • As far as affordability is concerned, Tribit StormBox beats every other portable Bluetooth speaker. It will not pinch your pocket and provides surprising features at such a low price.
  • If you consider the dimensions and heaviness of all the rivals, Tribit is the best. You can carry it in your jeans pocket and it will not weigh it down. This will be your best travel partner with no complaints at all.
  • It is freestanding, dustproof, and water-resistant so that you can keep it anywhere without any support or stand. You can carry it while crossing a river or while chilling on the beach.
  • It has a powerful battery backup. It can last up to 8 hours straight once it is fully charged.
  • Tribit stormBox Micro Portable Speaker has a built-in TI amplifier for strong sound amplification.
  • Tribit is featured with a visual LED indicator for showing battery life so that you can charge it when its battery is drained.
  • It comes with Xbass technology that provides you with deep bass. It has an excellent treble performance.

Where to buy Tribit StormBox Micro Portable Speaker from?

Tribit launched this portable speaker in the year 2020. It is a fresh launch by Tribit and it is gaining good popularity in present times because after COVID, people are now getting out of their houses and traveling to new destinations. Nowadays, travel and tourism are at their peak.

There are numerous online shopping websites that are providing Tribit StormBox Micro Portable Speakers. Buying link is mentioned below:

Buy now:

In concluding lines, we want to thank you for reading our article. We hope that you have made your mind clear now and you are now ready to purchase the best Bluetooth speaker that is Tribit StormBox Micro Portable Speaker.

We assure you that you will not regret buying this one as it is the best Bluetooth speaker with outstanding features available at such a low cost. Although Tribit is a new brand and it is setting its foot in the market, it is a good start. It has gained so much recognition in very few years. Once you start playing music in this Bluetooth speaker then there is no going back.

We have tested this portable Bluetooth speaker and after that, we have come up with this review. We are also aghast by its fantastic features that are available in the affordable range. You cannot expect anything more in this range. You have read all the details and descriptions of this product. Do not wait, Order now.

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