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Bugani M83 Vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker Review [2022]

During the 1990s, there was something called the boombox. Those of you who were kids at that time might have heard about it. The boombox was an extensive sound system that was portable. 

That is correct. Of course, you can forget about portability because it was no lightweight. The main drawback of using them was that you needed large D batteries. Thankfully, today, you can make use of the Bluetooth speakers. 

Technology has traveled quite some distance, and you have a barrage of devices that you can make use of. The Bluetooth speakers are one of the most sought-after products in today’s market. 

They allow you to listen to your favorite songs anywhere you want to. Besides, they are lightweight too. You can now take them wherever you want and share your favorite tunes with others as well. 

Moreover, they come with rechargeable batteries. Not to mention, the battery life has been significantly improved. There are so many reasons not to say no to these amazing devices and owning them. 

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You can listen to them for more than 24 hours. Additionally, they come infused with several features that we will be discussing. Today, we will discuss the Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth speaker. 

The moment you see the Bugani model, you admire its size. It is voluminous for a Bluetooth speaker. Besides, it cannot be termed lightweight, but you can carry it around outdoors without experiencing discomfort. 

It has an astounding audio performance, fantastic bass, fantastic mids, and robust build quality. The speaker and the Bluetooth connectivity are its highlight points. On the other hand, the W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth speaker comes with an exceptional design. 

It is exquisite and bold in looks. Besides, like the Bugani unit, it comes with a rugged build quality that is very durable. There is a decent 50W of output, providing you with an opulent sound profile. 

A good battery is working life and has an IPX6 rating. It makes the Bluetooth speaker waterproof, and you can pair it wirelessly too. We liked the price point too because it is only $80, lower than the JBL Xtreme 2. 

How good are they? Let us read the review to understand more about these models. We have also given the winner at the end of the post. 

Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker: Design & features

The Bugani M83 Bluetooth speaker comes with a rugged design and a wide range of features. This model is priced under $100 and justifies the features provided by the maker. The moment you look at the unit, you can notice its sheer size of it.

It has a dimension of 12.6 x 6.69 x 4.3 inches. Of course, you cannot expect it to be lightweight. When you are looking at portability, then it can be slightly difficult to take around. However, youngsters should not have any problem slinging it around their shoulders and moving. 

The size of the model does not have to be pleasing. Besides, if you prefer using a lightweight, elegant-looking model, you might have to look elsewhere. Thanks to the solid build quality, you don’t have to be worried about durability. 

It can effortlessly survive a few falls without having to break down. Besides, it is shockproof and waterproof as well. There is the IPX6 rating on it. Moreover, it is also dustproof, which means that you can use it wherever you want. 

This model comes infused with 50 w Bluetooth speakers. It also comes with 4 full-range drivers. You can find the technology to separate the low and high pitch volume. The unit also comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, which is sublime. 

Now, you can connect with several devices opulently without struggling with the connection. You can connect your smartphones, pair two portable models, and also upgrade your 100W stereo surround sound.

It also offers you sensational sound quality, clear treble, and deep bass. You can make use of it for pool parties and outdoor activities easily. Likewise, the W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth speaker comes slightly larger than the Bugani model. Its dimensions are 12.6 x 4.65 x 4.65 inches.

Bugani M83 vs. W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker - Review and Comparison

We were pleasantly surprised that the maker has provided you with a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB-C charging cable, and an instruction manual. The manual comes in several languages. Like the Bugani unit, it is sturdy. 

Additionally, the model is produced from hard plastic. It can survive hard falls without any issues at all. There is no creaking or flexing from the model. We were delighted to notice that it comes with a wide range of features for the price point of under $100. 

It comes with a decent battery working life; the IPX6 rating and rugged body design are also available. A notable feature here is the 8000mAh rechargeable battery that allows you to use the model for 24 hours.

The Bluetooth speaker comes with the IPX6 rating and power bank function. That means you can now charge your smart devices using the 8000mAh rechargeable battery. There is also the equalizer & one-touch NFC.

You can make use of the equalizer to have your own settings for indoors and outdoors. That depends on your taste and preferences. You can adjust the sound signals, then be able to get the right tone and enjoy the bass. 

Using the NFC connection, you can pair it to your smartphone. Besides, there is also the advanced Bluetooth 5.0/AUX/TF card. This enables you to make hands-free calling a breeze. It is beneficial for talking to your loved ones. 

You can use it up to 100 feet. Though the Bluetooth connectivity requires some stability, it is good enough for indoor calls. It also comes with the 3.5mm audio jack and TF-Card slot. There is also the built-in microphone that works pretty well. 

Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker: Setup & performance

A reliable Bluetooth speaker comes with a good setup & performance. The Bugani M83 Bluetooth speaker provides you with an exceptional setup & performance. It provides you with a fantastic 40-hours battery working life. 

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This is way higher than most of the Bluetooth speakers that can provide you with 10-hours of battery life. Besides, the speaker is extensive, offering you with a solid audio performance. You can make a difference in the tunes and the vocals when listening to the model. 

The bass is quite booming, and many users have commended its performance. Probably, this feature could be the turning point; you never know. There is 40W of power on the drivers, which may not be impressive, but is quite loud. 

You have to listen to it to believe us. When used indoors, you can find the sound filling the room with the speakers’ power. Besides, it is quite large, unlike other models you find in the under $100 segment. 

Users have complimented the model’s audio performance, claiming it to be the best for the price point. Even if you listen on the highest volume, things don’t get out of hand. The sound quality blended elegantly with the bass to provide you with an opulent sound. 

There is a mild confusion using the Bluetooth function. Instead of pressing the button shaped like the Bluetooth function, you should press the power button for a few seconds. Things will start working. 

The W-KING D8 (50W) Bluetooth speaker has an admirable setup and performance. Users would delight in the fact that it has 15W full-range drivers. Besides, you will want to know that there are dual passive radiators.

You can also make use of the 10W tweeters. We recommend that you use the speaker volume at medium to slightly high. That should do for any audiophile. Any louder than that could cause the sound to be distorted. 

When you use them with a balanced sound, they are fantastic. You can configure the speakers that come in the model. However, the bass could have improved. The 50W HD sound is good with the 4 drivers present on the model. 

You can listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy the sound quality. Most other models expose the passive radiator on the outer side. That is not the case here. The model comes infused with air protective covers. 

They see to that the passive radiators provide you with phenomenal bass quality. You will also enjoy the performance of the audio profile, thanks to the 100W stereo surround sound. Besides music, you can also consider playing games, watching movies, and making calls without a hassle. 

The speakers design a two-channel audio quality that offers immense detail of sound. You can make use of this quality for camping, partying, and even when exercising. 

Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker: Price

The Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker is priced under $69. Unlike what you get today, we feel that it is priced reasonably well for a giant Bluetooth speaker. The body is pretty rugged and elegant in a way. 

You can make use of the powerful battery that provides you with 24 hours of playtime on a single charge. Moreover, it comes with recharging capabilities that make it ideal for camping too. 

It is waterproof, meaning you can use it next to a swimming pool. The maker provides you with a wide range of accessories. That is good to know. The W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker is priced under $100. 

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The model is being sold at $80 at the time of writing. If you are keen to lay your hands on one, then you might get it soon. That gives it a price difference of $10. That is not much. There is a 50W HD sound power coming from 4 drivers.

If you are keen on listening to the bass, then you won’t go home disappointed. You can also make use of the 100W powerful audio. It is waterproof as well, and you can use it for almost 24 hours on a single charge. 

Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker: Pros & cons

The Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker’s pros & cons.

Pros of Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker

  • The model comes with a rugged and sturdy design.
  • The unit provides you with opulent sound quality.
  • It has Bluetooth 5.2 wireless speakers.
  • It comes with a powerful 40-hours battery. 
  • The product has a 12-months warranty.

Cons of Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker

  • Users have complained that the battery tends to drain quickly. 

Pros of W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker

  • The unit comes with a durable build quality. 
  • The model has a 100W audio performance. 
  • It has a power bank function.
  • It comes with the equalizer & one-touch NFC.
  • The product has an advanced Bluetooth 5.0/AUX/TF card.

Cons of W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker

  • The Bluetooth speaker’s battery life needs to improve. 

Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker: Verdict 

We have ended our comparison review on the Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth Speaker. We hope that you enjoyed reading the above post and were able to make your decision. 

The Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker comes with remarkable features. Though it is priced slightly lesser than the W-KING model, we felt it sounded better. Besides, the wattage is the same, and the speaker quality is almost similar. 

We felt that the Bluetooth connectivity on the Bugani unit had a slight advantage over the W-KING. Besides, it comes with a micro-USB cable. There is also the IPX6 rating also. It is durable and produced ruggedly. 

The W-KING D8 (50w) Bluetooth speaker comes with a sturdy design and robust build quality. You can notice the sound quality is decent, the battery life average, and the looks a little elegant. Rugged looks don’t always appear stylish at times, but this model did. 

Our winner in this comparison review between Bugani M83 vs W-KING D8 (5w) Bluetooth Speaker is the Bugani model. It comes rugged in design, provides you with eloquent sound quality, and has the IPX6 rating.

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