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JBL PartyBox 100 vs 300- Which is the best speaker?

Are you looking for an effective speaker to enjoy musical moments when hanging with your close friends? JBL PartyBox speakers are sure to bring the house down with powerful sound output. In this review, we shall compare JBL PartyBox 100 vs 300 to determine the better party speaker.

Music is an essential part of any get-together with friends and family. Not only does it inspire beautiful memories, but it also livens up the atmosphere drastically. As a result, it is vital to have high-quality party speakers to ensure they create an ideal atmosphere by delivering reliable sound quality. The JBL PartyBox 100 and 300 is the perfect sound option to meet your party needs. These speakers are compact, portable, and have Bluetooth functionality. Let us take a look at the different features of these two premium speakers and analyze their performance.

What are the differences between JBL PartyBox 100 vs 300?

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JBL PartyBox 100 vs 300- How do they compare?


Both the JBL PartyBox 100 and 300 sport the same design featuring a similar heavy-duty and rugged look. However, you can easily differentiate the two devices by noticing their size and weight. Weighing 21.38 pounds (9.7kg), the JBL PartyBox 100 has dimensions of 29 by 28.8 by 51 cm and comes in a box-shaped enclosure with rounded edges. The speaker also has small rubber feet on its sides, allowing users to place it horizontally and vertically.

On the other hand, the JBL PartyBox 300 weighs about 34.8 pounds (15.8kg) and has dimensions of 31 by 32 by 69 cm. Despite its bulky physique, users can still carry this speaker conveniently using its in-built handles. It also has in-built rubber feet on two of its side panels and its bottom panel, allowing vertical and horizontal orientation. However, it is best to place it vertically because its top panel houses its controls.

JBL PartyBox 100 is, therefore, a lighter and more compact speaker than the JBL PartyBox 300.

Performance/ Sound quality:

Due to its size, the JBL PartyBox 100 has plenty of power to fill up a room with music. With the ability to pump out 160 watts, the speaker handles loud volumes without unnecessary distortion and does not compromise the detail when delivering delicate lower volume sounds. The speaker also features two 2.25-inch tweeters and 5.25-inch woofers and a Bass Boost button that cranks up the bass whenever required. However, this speaker’s stereo image is limited as it is a single unit speaker, making it incompatible with a dedicated two-channel hi-fi system.

Alternatively, the JBL PartyBox 300 pumps out 240 watts of power, making it an ideal option for those looking for punchy, bass-heavy, and immersive sound quality. It also comes with three 2.25-inch tweeters and two 6.5-inch woofers, meaning its speakers are louder; hence, producing a more powerful sound.

JBL PartyBox 300 has better sound quality than the JBL PartyBox 100.

Battery life/charge:

Apart from power and size, these two speakers differ immensely when it comes to their battery life. The JBL PartyBox 100 delivers up to 12 hours of battery life, meaning you can get a whole night of music without worrying about it going out. However, if you are using the speaker’s features all at once, like its LED lights and playing the music on full blast, you should expect lesser hours. It is also vital to note that it takes about 6 hours and 30 minutes to recharge the JBL PartyBox 100 fully.

On the other hand, the JBL PartyBox 300 delivers a maximum of 18 hours of battery life if used in normal circumstances. However, you can opt to plug these speakers into any available electric outlet using its AC adapter to prevent them from running out of juice while delivering their high-quality sounds. However, if the JBL PartyBox 300 runs out of juice, it takes about 5 hours to charge completely.

The JBL PartyBox 300 has more battery life than the JBL PartyBox 100.

Bass response:

The JBL PartyBox 300 has a slightly better bass response than the JBL PartyBox 100 as it features a frequency range of 45Hz and 20 kHz as opposed to 45 Hz and 18 kHz. However, both speakers are quite loud as regular listening only uses 25% of its volume, and loud volumes of about 40% are powerful enough to catch the attention of anyone close. Therefore, it is best to start your volume level at zero as it can quickly get the PA system loud if you are not careful.

When Listening to The Knife’s ‘Silent Shout’, the PartyBox 300 delivered some serious bass compared to the PartyBox 100, even with its bass feature turned off. Upon turning on the Bass Boost feature, things really rumbled.

Extra features:

JBL PartyBox 100 vs 300

The JBL PartyBox series are not waterproof speakers. They also have the same connectivity ports as you can connect almost anything to them. They both have microphone inputs, and guitar inputs, and are both Bluetooth-enabled to allow users to enjoy the music playlist on their phones. The speakers also come with a USB port, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) modes, and RCA outputs.

Both the JBL PartyBox 100 and 300 have similar ports and are not water-resistant.

JBL PartyBox 100 vs 300 – What is the difference between PartyBox 100 and 300?

JBL PartyBox 100 review

If you are looking for the right party speakers to blast at your party, the JBL PartyBox 100 is a perfect choice. It is a powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with an impressive light show that displays as you party away with your friends and family. Available in a variety of colors, this speaker allows you to choose your party mood by offering a variety of party colors. Likewise, the speaker features a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to play music from their compatible devices.

Weighing 11.3 kg, this speaker measures 29 by 28.8 by 51 cm and is mountable on a pole or post, allowing you to immerse into the party sounds and rock the crowd entirely. Additionally, the speaker has power audio drivers that deliver up to 160 watts of power. It also comes equipped with dual 2.5-inch tweeters and dual 5.25-inch woofers that provide a 45Hz and 18 kHz frequency range.

When it comes to its bass response, the speaker comes with a bass boost feature that delivers some kickass bass. Even when the bass boost feature is off, the speaker still has some low-end bass as its speakers do not distort the sound even at the highest volume.

The JBL PartyBox 100 has an in-built 2500mAh rechargeable battery that offers up to 12 hours of continuous music playtime. Likewise, it takes about 6 hours and 30 minutes to fully recharge the battery back to full power. It also comes with 3.5mm audio Output and Input cables, guitar input ports, and easy-to-use Microphone ports with plug-and-play functionality.

  • Delivers powerful sound quality
  • Dynamic light show
  • Durable build quality
  • Portable and lightweight
  • It does not come with a remote.

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JBL PartyBox 300 review:

If you are looking for a speaker for an outdoor or large party, the JBL PartyBox 300 is an ideal option. It is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers that streams high-quality sounds from your Bluetooth device or smartphone through the touch of a button. The speaker comes with roaring acoustic drivers guaranteed to pump out ear-deafening sounds, setting the right mood for your outdoor party.

The JBL PartyBox 300 allows you pre-program your party music playlist using a USB thumb drive. It also supports wireless connections through its True Wireless Stereo (TWS) using Bluetooth technology for up to two speakers and wired connections through its RCA output to another speaker. The speaker also has a USB port, which allows users to charge their devices by plugging them directly into the speakers.

As previously stated, the JBL PartyBox 300 is one of the loudest speakers available on the market as it has a thunderous sound performance. The Bluetooth speaker comes equipped with two 6.5-inch woofers and three 2.25 tweeters fitted with true wireless stereo compatibility. It also has bass boost functionality, ideal for increasing bass for lower frequency response and deeper beats.

With its massive 10,400mAh battery, the speaker can blast music for 18 hours continuously, and it has a frequency range of 45Hz and 20 kHz. As a result, the speaker delivers hard and punchy bass without compromising the midrange frequencies. Music genres, like electronic, rock, and hip hop, sound particularly evident on this JBL speaker as it delivers incredibly punchy and detailed beats. Likewise, the speaker can pump out tremendous volume without distorting the sound at maximum volume.

  • Delivers loud volume without distorting the sound
  • 18 hours of continuous playtime
  • It comes with instruments and microphone inputs
  • Stable connectivity for wireless and wired devices
  • Heavy design
  • No connectivity for audio devices

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Bluetooth speakers are a definite must-have for any music lover. They are durable, portable, and offer amazing audio quality. Both the JBL PartyBox 100 and 300 are excellent considerations when buying a Bluetooth speaker.

Final verdict: So, which is better, JBL PartyBox 100 vs 300?

Even though JBL PartyBox 100 has a sleek and lightweight design, we cannot look past the incredible sound quality provided by JBL PartyBox 300. Furthermore, it comes with a massive 10400mAh battery that allows it to play music for 18 hours and charge smartphones and other devices via its USB port. Therefore, the JBL PartyBox 300 is a better Bluetooth speaker than the JBL PartyBox 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far apart should two JBL PartyBox 100 speakers be placed?

It is recommended that they should be at least 10 m apart for them to pair.

Does the JBL PartyBox 300 have Connect Plus to allow other JBL speakers to link to it?

No. You can only connect another PartyBox speaker to it through its True Wireless Stereo (TWS) feature.

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