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HyperX Cloud Alpha vs. Alpha S: What is the difference?

For a gamer, nothing compares to owning a solid set of gaming headsets. Despite the numerous gaming headphones available on the market, not many can match the standards set by the affordable yet high-quality HyperX Cloud series. Let us compare the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Alpha S series to determine which is the better headphone.

If you are looking for phenomenal gaming headsets within the $100 range, perhaps you should consider the HyperX Cloud series. They are easy on the eyes, deliver impeccable audio quality, and are super comfortable when used for long durations. Among the products in the series, the original Cloud Alpha took the market by storm and set a decent foundation for the Cloud Alpha S, which added to its outstanding features. Without further ado, let us quickly delve into this comparison review and determine the differences and similarities between HyperX Cloud Alpha and Alpha S.

What are the differences between the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Alpha S?

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Vs Alpha S- How Do They Compare?


Both the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Alpha S have the same overall design as they come with over-ear and closed-back earcups that enclose the entire ear. The Cloud Alpha comes in a red and black exterior with red perforated aluminum forks that ensure the ear cups are in place.  Additionally, this headset comes with a 3.5mm cable, which is perfect for travel, and it also has brushed-metal material on its outer cups. Likewise, its design allows easy removal of the microphone when playing multiplayer games or when not playing. The headset also comes with a soft and protective pouch for ensuring the headphones’ safety.

On the other hand, the Cloud Alpha S features a black and blue design and elegant blue stitching on its headband, giving a simple yet immaculate look. Like the Cloud Alpha, the Alpha S also comes with a 3.5mm cable and a detachable microphone, adding to this headset’s versatility. It also has a bass slider under both ear cups, which provides the drivers with more or less space to reverberate, depending on your preference.

The Alpha S features a better and sleeker design than the original Alpha.

Build Quality:

In terms of build quality, both the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Alpha S feature a solid construction as they come with an aluminum headband and hinges that can withstand plenty of rough handling. They also have the same thick headphones, and their ear pads consist of the same leatherette and foam, making them pretty comfortable and durable.

However, the Cloud Alpha S is more lightweight and compact than the Cloud Alpha as it measures 5.3 by 3.6 by 7.8 inches and weighs about 0.68 pounds. Alternatively, the original Cloud Alpha measures 9.2 by 8.3 by 4.7 inches and weighs 0.75 pounds.

Performance/Sound Quality:

Both the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Alpha S have a frequency response range of 13Hz- 27 kHz and an impedance of 65Ω, making them one of the best-sounding gaming headphones available on the market. The original Cloud Alpha is an excellent option if you want to block outside noise, meaning you will not have to worry about common household noise making its way into your game. Furthermore, the headset is impressive at isolating noise, meaning you do not have to worry about noise leaking out of your ear cups.

When playing Grand-Theft Auto, the Cloud Alpha delivered impeccable and fully immersive audio quality with crisp lows and mids. I could hear heavy footsteps behind me clearly, and the music was well-balanced with minimal distortion.

Alternatively, the Alpha S features dual-chamber drivers that use two separate chambers, one for the mids and highs and the other for the bass, ensuring the frequencies do not get mumbled up. As a result, users can enjoy powerful and rich bass without compromising the mids and highs’ warmth and clarity. Additionally, these headphones come with awesome bass sliders that aid in adjusting the bass to your preference. It also features 7.1 surround sound, which is fantastic as it gives you the impression that you are in a larger room with large speakers all around you.

The Cloud Alpha S has better sound quality/performance than the Cloud Alpha.

Microphone Sound Quality:

When it comes to the microphone’s audio quality, the original Cloud Alpha features a well-built electric condenser microphone, ideal for streaming voice and in-game chats. Attached to a 3.5mm cable, the microphone is somewhat a disappointment as it underemphasizes bass response, which is unfortunate for anyone with a deep voice.

On the other hand, the Cloud Alpha S headset has a detachable, noise-canceling, and bi-directional microphone, making it quite flexible. Its sound quality is clear and accurate, making it good enough for casual online gaming. However, this headset also de-emphasizes its bass range to combat the proximity effect, making you sound like you are talking through a tin can.

The Alpha S has better microphone sound quality than the original Alpha.


A good gaming headset ensures users can use it for long periods without feeling heavy or too tight.  Both the Alpha and Alpha S come with an ergonomic headband, large over-ear ear cups, and an overall lightweight, ideal for both small and big heads.

With 12 ounces, the HyperX Cloud Alpha features an incredibly soft earpad material made from foam material, which HyperX uses in all their headsets. Its headband size is quite large, and the adjustment forks have three extra clicks of room to fit various head sizes.

Alternatively, the Alpha S weighs about 10.9 ounces, which is slightly lighter than its predecessor. However, it is just as comfortable as the original Cloud Alpha as it easily rests on your head without pressing on too tight and can fit just about any size of the head. The headband and ear cushions also consist of super-comfortable padding, either made from fake leather or foam material.

Both the alpha and Alpha S are very comfortable gaming headsets.

HyperX Cloud Alpha vs. Alpha S – A comparison review

HyperX Cloud Alpha Review:

The original Cloud Alpha is an outstanding value for money as it offers a pretty high-quality performance for under $100. Available in red and black, this gaming headset features an aluminum frame with leather tops, and sides and each movable joints contain thick padding or robust joints. Its ear cups consist of thick plastic and foam-fitted earmuffs to seal your head.

Designed with comfort and durability in mind, this headphone measures 9.2 by 8.3 by 4.7 inches and weighs 12 ounces, making it relatively compact and light. It also comes with a detachable microphone and a 3.5mm microphone cable that can connect to just about anything. Additionally, this headset is compatible for use with various devices, including PC, PS4PRO, PS4, Mac, Xbox One S, and Xbox One.

When it comes to sound quality, it features a frequency response range 13Hz- 27 kHz, which is wide enough to accommodate various sounds. The headset also delivers an impactful bass response that provides an unforgettable gaming experience. As a result, you can use it when watching movies or listening to music.

  • Solid and durable construction
  • Sleek design
  • Comes with a detachable microphone and cable
  • Portable and compact
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Low microphone audio quality.

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HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review:

Despite the HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of the best gaming headsets for its price, it still had some shortcomings. For instance, its microphone sound quality was average, and it came with no additional features. As a result, the Cloud Alpha S is its better and more premium upgrade. However, it contains the same construction materials and foam-material earmuffs as its predecessor, making it just as durable and comfortable.

Like the Cloud Alpha, the Cloud Alpha S comes with a 3.5mm cable and a USB adapter, and an audio control unit, which aids in controlling its 7.1 virtual surround sound and its chat and game audio. It also has vents along the bottom of each headphone to allow bass adjustment independently. As a result, users can enjoy detailed and powerful sound quality when playing online games or listening to music.

Furthermore, the Alpha S features a detachable 3.5mm microphone that is easy to use and move. The microphone delivers better audio and works fine with programs like Zoom or Discord.

  • Great audio quality
  • Impressively comfortable
  • Plug and play USB functionality
  • 1 Virtual surround sound
  • Comes with a mixer that allows users to separate game and chat volume control
  • Exceptional microphone sound quality
  • Its 7.1 virtual surround sound can make gaming louder/shallower.

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Final verdict: So, which is better, HyperX Cloud Alpha or Alpha S?

After comparing these two gaming headsets side by side, we found that the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a better gaming headphone than the original Cloud Alpha. Not only does it feature a better design, but it also consists of exceptional sound quality with 7.1 virtual surround sound, bass sliders, and a mixer that separates the chat and game volume control. However, the original Cloud Alpha is quite durable and very comfortable as it has the right amount of tension, which is perfect for long gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the HyperX Cloud Alpha sound better with a USB sound card?

Yes. However, the quality of sound received primarily depends on the device you are using with the headphones.

Does the HyperX Cloud Alpha S microphone have a noise-canceling feature?

Yes. While using it, you cannot hear any ambient noises.

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