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How To Connect External Speakers To TV Without Audio Output

Let’s say you have set a luxurious TV in your living room. A stunning colorful picture is delivered from your TV, which gives you the ultimate viewing experience. But, the problem is with your TV’s audio. You can’t hear as much audio as you desire, and therefore, you can’t fully enjoy your favorite TV series.

This happens because TV speakers are not efficient enough to deliver powerful audio that is spread evenly throughout the room. The only solution is to pair speakers to your TV. Connecting external speakers to TV ensures an immersive audio experience.

Surround external sound speakers are the perfect solution to create a theater atmosphere in your home. Well, you have decided to pair your TV to the surround sound speakers, but another problem arises. Your TV has no audio output or RCA output.

Now, what should you do? How to connect external speakers to TV without audio output? But, don’t worry. If your TV doesn’t have audio output or RCA output, you can still connect external speakers using a few techniques. Before looking at those ways, let’s tell you the reason why modern TVs do not have RCA outputs.

Why Don’t Most Modern TVs Have RCA Outputs?

Nowadays, most modern TVs do not come with RCA outputs because the HDMI ports of stylish TVs are efficient enough to handle everything nicely. 

Both incoming and outgoing audio signals can be managed by the HDMI board. Therefore, most TV manufacturers do not consider it necessary to include RAC outputs in modern TVs.

How to Connect External Speakers to TV without Audio Output?

You can adopt many methods on how to connect external speakers to a TV without an audio output? The specific ways to connect your stereo surround sound speaker to your smart TV are discussed underneath. 

  • RCA cables
  • TOSLINK Cables
  • 3.5 mm Headphone Jacks
  • Audio-out of Set-top Box
  • Optical Cable
  • HDMI Cable

How to Connect External Speakers to TV using RCA cables?

RCA cables are a good option for seamlessly connecting your speaker to your TV. Here are three simple steps.

  • First, check your RCA cables. The cable and connector pair come in two colors – white and red.
  • Now, you need to connect the white and red cables to your TV set’s white and red ports, respectively.
  • The RCA cables have stereo sound and not surround sound. If you have any difficulties connecting speakers, you can refer to both the TV and speaker user manuals to gather more information about the TV’s connection to external speakers.

How to Connect External Speakers to TV using TOSLINK Cables?

TOSLINK is a high-standard fiber optic connection system, and TOSLINK outputs are typically included with HD TVs. Using TOSLINK fiber optic cables can build a 5.1 surround sound system. 

Here are some rules for connecting your external speakers to your TV using TOSLINK cables.

  • If your speaker system features a TOSLINK input, simply plug one side of the TOSLINK cable into your TV and the other side into your speakers.
  • If your speaker system doesn’t have TOSLINK inputs and only has RCA inputs, you need to take a different approach under the circumstances. Purchase a quality DAC, i.e., Digital to Analog Converter. Then, pair one side of the TOSLINK cable to the TV’s output jacks and the other side to the converter’s input jack. 
  • Next, connect a regular RCA cable to the converter’s output jacks, and join the other ends to your speaker system.
  • Once you connect your speakers to the TV, you can experience the different levels of sound that you’ve always expected.

How to Connect External Speakers to TV using a 3.5 mm Headphone Jack?

Almost all smart TVs are equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, and this feature is very useful when it comes to using headphones for your TV’s audio. You’ll need to follow the instructions below to use the headphone jacks to connect speakers to your modern TV without audio output.

  • Use the headphone output to pair your TV with the speaker systems.
  • Then, you need to use the 3.5 mm audio jack for your TV and choose the RCA jack for the speakers.
  • This technique produces surround sound, and you can enjoy your movies on your modern TV.

How to Connect External Speakers to TV using Audio-out of Set-top Box?

If you have a set-top DV-R box, you can connect your speakers to the TV without audio output. This option can be considered to connect your speakers. The simple steps are:

  • Use TOSLINK or HDMI output and connect to your speaker.
  • If you use a DVD player, connect HDMI to the speaker for video output, and RCA to the speaker for audio output.           

How to Connect External Speakers to TV using Optical Cable?

Using an optical cable to connect external speakers to a TV is a common approach you might consider. It offers the same functionality as an HDMI cable. Let’s see the methods.

  • First, check if your TV is equipped with optical output. This is vital in case the speaker is connected to your TV.
  • Then, pair the optical cable from the TV or soundbar to your speakers. Both devices must have optical cable connection support. Optical cables are usually thin.

How to Connect External Speakers to TV using HDMI Cable?

HDMI cables have better surround sound capabilities, and hence, this technique is preferable. Here are the instructions for using the HDMI cable.

  • TVs that come with an HDMI output port are usually marked with HDMI-ARC. Check if your TV has an HDMI output port.
  • Then, use an HDMI cable to connect the TV to external speakers.
  • By applying this process, you will get quality surround sound.                     

What Is The Best Method to Connect External Speakers to a TV?

HDMI and Fiber Optical Cables are the preferable methods to connect external speakers to a TV because of their capabilities. 

However, you can use the other ways we have provided. All the processes are efficient to connect your speakers to TVs without any trouble. But, you have to be thoroughly acquainted with the methods.

What Should I Do If My Television Does Not Have An Audio Output?

You can connect speakers to your TV even if it doesn’t have an audio output. You definitely have an option among cables, set-top boxes, and DVR players. 

As a result, you can connect the box’s audio output straight to your speakers in this situation. Moreover, HDMI outputs, fiber optic cables, and coaxial cables are the best options for connecting speakers to your TV if your TV is compatible with these methods.


If there is no immersive sound delivery while watching TV series or movies, there is no complete entertainment. Quality sound makes the video more enjoyable. 

So, if you get full knowledge about how to connect external speakers to TV without audio output, using several methods, you can connect your speakers to the TV seamlessly.

There is no doubt that you can enjoy better surround sound by using external speakers. 

Most importantly, before using any method, it is important to check the capabilities of your TV and speakers and whether your TV is supportive of connecting to external speakers without audio output.

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