About us

Sound Gear Authority is here to give you back the power to make the best choice when it comes to speaker and headphones selection. For many years, people have fallen prey to the many knock-off speakers in the markets both online and physical, while you might not need a big powerful speaker it doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the sound quality of the output.

Sound Gear Authority is, therefore, your number one source of information on speakers/ headphones. Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable and current information that you can use to your advantage. So as we research the various products we emphasize more durability, versatility, portability, and sound production.

The information provided will, therefore, help you determine the type of speaker that you need, and one that will match your need and application, if you are looking for a wireless unit to use on picnics or in the shower or by the pool, then its best to go for the waterproof type of speaker. There are also other types of good sound-producing speakers that you can use in your home that are not so conspicuous.

Who knew that the loudspeaker could lead to the production of different types of speakers. We have therefore compiled information on speakers that is easily digestible and one that will appeal to the logic of going through the trouble of finding a unit that will offer long service but also work perfectly. Music lovers know that for one to enjoy any type of music, investing in a good speaker is fundamental.

The sound enhancement is not a new thing given the horns and loudspeakers that were common in the recent past. However, they were not convenient for many applications given their size and output. So the need to achieve a crisp clear sound paved the way for the production of different types of speakers for different applications.

Why choose us?

Well, we are aware that we are not the only ones providing this information but what makes us unique, is our research process, as it is focused on currency and the information provided has been researched in minor detail. So why consume regurgitated information when we can provide you with an almost hands-on experience thus leaving you with the job of purchasing your favorite unit.

We, therefore, welcome you to Sound Gear Authority and hope that you will enjoy interacting with the provided information, as much as we enjoy researching and compiling them for you.