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HyperX Cloud Alpha vs. Cloud 2: Which headphone reigns supreme?

If you are familiar with the world of PC gaming, there is a relatively high chance that you have heard of HyperX gaming headphones. Not only are they high-quality headsets with a unique and stylish design, but they are also quite affordable. Without further ado, let us compare the HyperX Cloud Alpha vs. Cloud and determine which of them is the better option.

HyperX gaming headphones are some of the best gaming headsets available on the market. The brand produces a wide range of premium quality gaming headphones, meaning getting the right one for your needs can get confusing, if not frustrating. Therefore, this HyperX Cloud Alpha vs. Cloud 2 review will assist you in making the best decision when picking an ideal gaming headset for your Xbox, PS4 gaming, and PC.

What is the difference between the HyperX Cloud Alpha vs. Cloud 2?

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HyperX Cloud Alpha vs. Cloud 2- How do they compare?


Both of these headphones have a very similar design and appearance as they have the same overall shape. The Cloud Alpha comes with red perforated aluminum forks that aid in keeping the ear cups in place.  Additionally, this headset comes with a 3.5mm cable, which is perfect for travel, and it also has brushed-metal material on its outer cups. Its design allows for easy removal of the mic when playing multiplayer games or when not playing. The headset also has a very soft protective pouch for ensuring the headphones ‘safety.

On the other hand, the HyperX Cloud 2 also has a very stylish design as it features a leatherette-coated band. Connected by the metal cups, the ear cups are adjustable by an inch higher or lower, and they can also rotate back and forth. In addition, the mic consists of a flexible coil and large foam and is adjustable by six inches. Unlike the Cloud Alpha, the mic is detachable, which is perfect for single-player gaming or travel. Users can also use a USB dongle to control the games, volume in chats, and easily toggle between muting the mic and the surround sound.

The HyperX Cloud II has a better design than the HyperX Cloud Alpha.

Build quality:

When it comes to the build quality, the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Cloud II are very similar. They feature a solid construction with plenty of aluminum parts and a durable and compact frame that withstands being tossed in a bag when traveling.

However, the HyperX Cloud II is more compact and lightweight than the HyperX Cloud Alpha as it measures 6.7 by 4.8 by 2.3 inches and has a mass weight of 9.7 ounces. Alternatively, the Cloud Alpha has dimensions of 9.2 by 8.3 by 4.7 inches and a total weight of 12 ounces.

Performance/sound quality:

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of the best options available on the market when considering its sound quality. With a frequency response of 13Hz- 27 kHz and an impedance of 65Ω, it delivers crisp and neat audio quality with rich and detailed bass output. Its in-game directional noises are pretty decent, and there is no overpowering of the mids, highs, or bass.

On the other hand, the HyperX Cloud II features a frequency response of 15Hz-25 kHz and an impedance rating of 30Ω, ensuring the delivery of stellar directional sound quality. These headsets also come with a 7.1 virtual surround sound that provides a better and fully immersive gaming experience. When playing Team Fortress 2, the headphone reproduced a pretty loud sound with clever fades between right and left ear cups. The audio was well-sculpted, emphasizing the highs and lows to bring out explosions and gunfire sounds.

The HyperX Cloud II has better sound quality/performance than the HyperX Cloud Alpha.

Microphone sound quality:

In terms of microphone sound quality, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is well-built to cater to the needs of in-game and streaming voice chats. It comes with an electric condenser microphone attached to a 3.5mm cable for comfortable travel. However, users may notice different sound delivery when using the mic over some voice clients as it may de-emphasize the range of fundamental notes while slightly emphasizing other notes.

On the other hand, the HyperX Cloud II also comes with an electric condenser microphone that delivers crystal clear audio, regardless of whether you have a deep voice or not. Furthermore, the sound card can disable the Windows mic volume control while using the headset for PC gaming.

The HyperX Cloud II has better microphone sound quality than the HyperX Cloud Alpha.


A good gaming headphone comes with an ergonomic headband, large over-ear ear cups, and an overall lightweight. Both the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Cloud II are relatively lightweight gaming headsets that work for small and big heads.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha features an incredibly soft earpad material made from foam material, which HyperX uses in all their headsets. Its headband size is quite large, and the adjustment forks have three extra clicks of room to fit various head sizes.

Alternatively, the HyperX Cloud II comes with cortex-filled and soft earmuffs that are more fitting than those of the Cloud Alpha. As a result, it has a more comfortable fleece earmuff that is ideal for long hours of playing games.

The HyperX Cloud II is more comfortable than the HyperX Cloud Alpha.

HyperX Cloud Alpha vs. Cloud 2 – A comparison review

HyperX Cloud Alpha review

If you are looking for a pair of versatile and affordable gaming headphones, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a fantastic value for money. Available in red and black, it features an aluminum frame with leather tops and sides and foam-fitted earmuffs, making it a well-built and comfortable headphone to use, even for long durations.

With dimensions of 9.2 by 8.3 by 4.7 inches and weighing 12 ounces, this gaming headset is relatively light and compact. It also comes with a detachable microphone and microphone cable and is compatible for use with various devices, including PC, PS4PRO, PS4, Mac, Xbox One S, and Xbox One.

When it comes to sound quality, it has a frequency response range 13Hz- 27 kHz, which is wide enough to accommodate various sounds. The headset also delivers an impactful bass response that provides an unforgettable gaming experience. As a result, you can use it when watching movies or listening to music.

  • Solid and durable construction
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with a detachable microphone and cable
  • Portable
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Microphone sound quality distorts at specific frequency ranges

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HyperX Cloud II review:

As an updated version of the original Cloud headset, the HyperX Cloud II is an excellent headphone that features impressive build quality. It comes with a red or grey color coating on its aluminum frame, which is pretty lightweight and compact. Additionally, the Cloud II is adjustable and very comfortable as its ear cups are well-padded with high-quality foam.

Another impressive feature of this headphone is its noise-canceling microphone that mutes background noise effectively. The mic is quite sensitive, so it is best to adjust it away from your mouth if you do not want your teammates to hear you breathing. The headphone has easy-to-use control buttons, including one to increase and decrease the volume, as well as a mute button.

The HyperX Cloud II has a 7.1 surround sound button that provides a very immersive listening experience when playing intense games. As a result, these headphones give you a slight edge since you can hear gunfire in the background and footsteps when someone is approaching. Its robust sound quality guarantees users a unique experience, unmatched by many other headphones in its category.

  • Removable microphone
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Excellent and durable build quality
  • Portable
  • Comes with 7.1 surround sound
  • Muffled mic sound at high volume

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Final verdict: So, which is better, HyperX Cloud Alpha or HyperX Cloud II?

Both the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Cloud II have several similar features. However, when compared side by side, the HyperX Cloud II is a better gaming headphone than the Cloud Alpha. It features excellent sound quality with 7.1 surround sound, comes in various colors, and is more comfortable to use for longer durations. However, the HyperX Cloud Alpha delivers good sound quality and has an attractive price point.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the HyperX Cloud Alpha only stereo?

Yes. But you can pair it with USB Dolby 7.1 Adapter for USB connectivity and virtual surround sound.

Does the HyperX Cloud II have a mute mic button on the volume control?

Yes. It has a mute switch on the side of the USB control box.

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